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Week 9 to 11

Handling difficult grooms - When your trainer feels you are ready to work with a puppy or a nervous, elderly, sick or aggressive canine client, she will be there right beside you guiding you through the process

Registration Fee is non-refundable if cancellation is within 15 days of the course start date or after the course begins.

Fees and Tuition

Registration Fee: $1000                Tuition: $5000

Tools and Textbooks are not included

*Payment plans are available

Program Overview

Day 1 - Orientation

Grooming Products - what do you use, why, and when

Learn about equipment options and maintenance

Week 4 to 5

Drying - After bathing Fido you will learn the proper way to dry each type of dog and why it is so important

Start brushing with the proper techniques, perform nail trims safely and how to trim the pads with clippers

Week 1 to 3

Discover the temperaments of the canine clients and observe your professional groomer at work. 

Bathing - Get wet and soapy making sure Fido is squeaky clean

Cleaning ears and other hygiene areas

Customer Service Basics (in-class course) 

Week 12 to 16

How to deal with difficult conversations - (in-class course)

More Grooming - your trainer will let you take the reigns and guide you when necessary. You will be grooming 2-4 dogs per day

Week 6 to 8

Basic Grooming - Your trainer will be with you every step of the way

Scheduling and taking payments

Specialty/Breed cuts