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Animal Lovers Please Apply! 

Would you love to spend your time helping dogs feel and look their best? 

Our course will teach you to safely and expertly groom dogs from start to finish. Learn how to build positive relationships with your canine clients, how to maintain Fido's health, and how to create a polished final look that truly impresses your human clients. 

Fetching Fido's hands on course prepares you to groom dogs of any breed and temperament. Our trainers are professional Groomers who will provide detailed feedback all along the way so that you are always learning and improving. 

What You Will Learn

Type of Dog Coats

Animal Behavior

Kennel Clip

Puppy Cuts

Proper Breed Specific Cuts

Teddy Bear Cuts

Bathing and Drying

Nail Clipping

Shave Pads

Ear Cleaning/Plucking

Handling young, old, aggressive dogs and those with health problems 

...And Much, Much, More...

Train In a Custom Mobile Grooming Salon

Training - The majority of your time during the course will be one on one with your trainer and all those wonderful puppies of all ages, getting first hand experience

Theory - There is a lot to learn about the different breeds, grooming theory, skin and hair/fur types, and other basics all along the way. Reading assignments will be given out for individual study. 

Techniques - You will have a chance to observe, learn and use a variety of techniques as you progress through the course. These will be invaluable in your career. 

Over 600 Hours of Hands On Training